Civil Dispute Mediation

Civil Dispute Mediation is the process of resolving issues between parties with the help of a trained and neutral professional. Trained professional mediators have special training in dealing with conflicts between people. Civil dispute mediation can help to resolve any dispute that otherwise might end up in a lawsuit filed with the court.

The District Court Mediation Act, a part of Oklahoma statues, gives judges the authority to refer any case to mediation, in an attempt to resolve the matter prior to a costly trial in court.

Cases may be in regards to nearly any subject that would cause one person to sue another in court, such as business disagreements, employee – employer disputes, property disputes, disputes between neighbors, disputes between schools and parents and students, disputes between church leaders, car accident disputes, product liability issues, and disputes with insurance companies.

In Civil Dispute Mediation, the mediator secures a commitment from both sides of a dispute to attempt to resolve the matter, if possible, outside of court. The mediator facilitates discussions between the parties. They outline their disputes in a civil manner. The mediator helps the parties consider a wide range of possible resolutions in hopes of finding a mutually agreeable solution.

Trained mediators seek to create a safe environment for people to have respectful conversations about their differences. A trained mediator does not make decisions or form judgments, or push people into premature agreements, but instead, guides people to resolve their own issues. Civil Dispute Mediation is the process of peacemaking.