Child Custody Evaluations

90% of the time families are able to effectively utilize co-parenting resources to agree to parenting plans and custody matters. However, when families are unable to agree, the court is called upon to intervene and allocate decision making, care-taking and access to children in dispute. Forensically trained psychologists and mental health professionals, such as those at Tulsa Forensic Services are frequently called upon to provide a custody evaluation to help inform the court about the “best interests of the child”.

Our forensic experts have conducted over 500 child custody evaluations and adhere to the highest ethical standards to assist the court in making informed decisions. It is important to note that our forensic experts do not make decisions about custody matters, but merely take an impartial stance to inform the legal process. We will communicate our understanding of psychological impact, childhood development, relationship issues, family dynamics, parenting styles, etc and discuss findings with legal representatives and if necessary, the court. Feel free to contact Tulsa Forensic Services for more information.